It was Called Twitter, and still kind of is

Karl H Christ
3 min readSep 4


Are we seriously supposed to call Twitter “X” now? Among the many idiotic decisions that Elon Musk has made for the platform since being forced to follow through on his drunken offer to buy it for an exorbitant fee, and hoo boy, there have been a lot of idiotic decisions, this is among the most idiotic.

That’s really saying something. He made it possible for anyone to impersonate any famous person or brand for $8 a month. He fired or drove away every competent person working at the company who wouldn’t pucker up to his unwiped asshole. He made the platform a safe haven for lunatics and bigoted trolls to pedal hate and nonsense. He repulsed most sensible people away, and advertisers along with them, causing the value of Twitter to continually drop and predictions of its demise to be a regular occurrence.

Musk’s childlike obsession with the letter X is yet another example of his immaturity passed off as eccentricity. From the immature, weird part of myself, I kind of get it. X is a cool letter. It looks cool, it’s associated with cool things, like X-Men, X-Files, XXX videos. But it in itself is not a brand, and trying to plaster it over an already successful brand is so very stupid. Stupid enough to make the value of the platform drop $4-$20 billion in value. People know Twitter, they like their Tweets. They don’t want to go on X to post their X-pletives and X-crement. Well, some of them do, I’m sure. But that’s going to get old fast. Twitter is going to become like its alt-right imitators, where there’s no one but degenerate trolls incestuously memeing and shitposting until they get as bored and fed up with each other as we all are of them.

Musk has apparently tried to do this multiple times in the past, to call projects simply, “X.” It never stuck, however many times he tried. Probably the most successful he’s been was when he and his wannabe-lolita-fairy partner Grimes preemptively punished and stigmatized their child by naming it X AE A-XII Musk, who, until they are able to emancipate themselves and change their name, will only ever be called X. Because who the fuck is going to bother with the rest of that gibberish? That one probably has a better chance of sticking around, because that child, who will no doubt be given every genetic-augmentation cyborg enhancement that too much money can buy, will likely live longer than Twitter.

I barely ever used Twitter, so watching it crash and burn with Musk at the helm has been a mildly amusing spectator event. Twitter, in my opinion, went from being completely stupid in its early years, to kind of interesting at its peak, to a shitshow that was a total mess even by shitshow standards when the trolls and bots ran rampant, to a relative irrelevancy prior to Musk buying it, to a simmering puddle of grime at the bottom of a dumpster fire under his leadership. But I know that it was an important place for other people, and it sucks for them that it’s basically gone, and soon will really be gone.

But, seriously, is anyone, who isn’t being forced to, actually calling it X?

The URL is still Even if you type in to get there, you’re rerouted. What a fucking joke. On that note, I wonder if it’s caused an increase in traffic to…