Good Riddance to the Queen, and Death to All Monarchs

Karl H Christ
3 min readSep 19, 2022


Elizabeth II may well have been a perfectly lovely and pleasant person, and by the flood of global adoration and grief being poured over her desiccated cadaver the past couple weeks, it would seem she was. She was, however, the figurehead of a tyrannical monarchy that ruled an empire which terrorized, tortured, and murdered people the world over for centuries. The wealth and status of the British royal family came from stealing the resources and labor and lives of other countries and people, which they extracted through acts of extreme violence and depravity. There is nothing good or honorable about them. They are not and never have been benevolent or righteous. They are the heads of a massive criminal syndicate. The jewels, gold, and clothes they wear were stolen, the palaces they live in were paid for with blood. While Elizabeth herself may not have been a greedy, bloodthirsty monster, she represented the head of that monster. She was the smiling, grandmotherly figurehead of one of the most destructive organizations on Earth, and her service was first and foremost to sanitize the image and history of the royal family and the English empire.

While I do not have a personal grievance against Elizabeth, no person should be a queen, or a king. There should be no more monarchs in this world. The monarchical system is an anachronism that should have long since fallen from relevance. Most of the world has rightfully thrown off the shackles of tyrants presuming to give themselves grand titles and make absurd claims about their powers and privileges being bestowed by divine right. The time of kings and queens is dead, or by rights should be.

Granted, the modern era has its own form of royalty. We have oligarchs whose wealth and power rival or dwarf those of modern nations and the royalty of past empires. Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg, Musk, and their ilk don’t have the pomp and titles of traditional monarchs, but they could buy, sell, or slaughter historical kings several times over. Sure, they can’t necessarily have their enemies and rivals publicly executed, but you’d be naive to think that they couldn’t, or haven’t, had anyone killed.

With the wealth and power that these oligarchs have hoarded, they are founding the royal houses of the modern era. Their children and later descendents will rule us, with everything but crowns and titles. After all, how do you think the ancient royal families got their start? No, God did not give them magic cups and swords and usher them into spontaneously manifested castles. They built power and wealth through violence and influence. They gathered their relatives and neighbors and then countrymen around them, and used them to exert their will, to take control of their town, then city, then country. They bullied and stole from their own people to enrich themselves. Then they set their sights further, over borders and oceans, to bully and steal from other people. The British royal family, every royal family, is nothing more special than a really successful mafia. The greed and vicious determination of earlier generations established the empires which benefited generations to come, until Elizabeth and her brood.

The British people missed a golden opportunity last week. It was their chance, perhaps the first in centuries, to rid themselves of the monarchy. It’s not as though the royal family actually does anything for the people. All the talk about Elizabeth’s and their “public service” is bullshit. In exchange for unearned billions in taxes, they travel, make appearances, donate negligible portions of their obscene wealth. Their people, and many times more people around the world, continue to suffer and die to satisfy the egos and lavish lifestyles of the world’s most PR-polished criminal gang. The British people should have rebelled and said, enough is enough. They should have let the empire finally die with Elizabeth II. Instead, they made Charles III king. The oldest of the ugly shits he sired will likely be crowned after he dodders off to his death. And so the ritual of a brainwashed people elevating a family of inbred thugs to the status of gods on Earth continues.