Hypocrisy should be a Criminal Offense, and McConnell should be on Death Row

Karl H Christ
4 min readApr 12, 2021

Whenever I hear Mitch McConnell speak, I feel like I might vomit. Part of that has to do with the fact that his slow guttural croak of a voice makes him sound like he’s always on the edge of vomiting and dropping dead. If only, if only. But McConnell isn’t just one of the most physically repugnant human beings to prove that the traditional parameters of “survival of the fittest” and “natural selection” don’t apply to our species if one possesses enough money and malice. He is also one of the most disgusting and detestable humans to have ever lived because of his personality and actions.

What makes McConnell all the more despicable is that he does not seem to genuinely care about or believe in anything. His actions appear to be the products not of his personal ideologies, but are purely for self interest. He would do and say anything to get what he wants. His personal ideology is simply that he should have money and power. Whatever lying he has to do, whatever undemocratic, dangerous, or evil causes he has to support, he will so long as it serves him. He may not be a racist, a fascist, a gun-fetishizing terrorist, or a radical Christian supremacist himself, except in the sense that his embrace of racism, fascism, gun-fetishizing terrorism, and radical Christian supremacy can help him maintain power and reap profits. As horrible as legitimate racists, fascists, gun-fetishizing terrorists, and radical Christian supremacists are, they at least believe in their causes. For most of them, their destructive causes are built on ideologies rooted in a warped sense of being for the greater good of others, not only strict personal gain. His personal ideology of pure selfishness at the expense of everything and everyone else is shared by the ecocidal corporate oligarch class he serves, but the elite of that class make far more money destroying the environment and life on Earth than they pay McConnell, so he’s not only evil but cheap.

With his bullshit argument that corporations should stay out of politics, following MLB’s decision to not hold the All-Star Game in Georgia, in response to public pressure following the state’s imposition of voter suppression laws, as well as several corporations issuing statements opposing the laws, McConnell displayed his flaming hypocrisy. He made the clarification that he still thinks it’s great when corporations give money to politicians like himself, having spent his career fighting for the rights of corporations to be able to bribe politicians like him as lavishly as they want, but that they should stay out of controversial political issues. As zealotrous a proponent for the rights of corporations to do whatever they want without regulation, and of the idiot notion that money equates to speech, meaning that any limits on corporations’ ability to buy legislators and draft the legislation affecting their own industries violate their constitutional right to free speech, he is opposed to corporations making business decisions, and representatives of those corporations literally speaking, when it does not serve him.

This is far from the first time this shit-stuffed scrotum has exhibited rank hypocrisy. His blocking of Obama’s federal judge nominations and Supreme Court nomination, then rushing through every one of Trump’s nominations, is an infamous example. There’s the fact that he has spent most of his time in the Senate preventing any progress being made and anything of value being done, then turning around and accusing the Democrats of obstruction every time they’ve fought fascist power grabs from the Republicans. He is at least consistent in his lack of principles. He broke into politics as a moderate, claiming to be on the side of labor unions, the civil rights movement, and abortion rights. He dropped all that as soon as it served him better to be on the side of corporations, racist and antidemocratic movements, and the radical Christian cabal. It’s not that he changed his mind, or that he lied about his beliefs initially to exercise his true beliefs later; it’s that he never had genuine beliefs to begin with, and has pretended at each when either served him.

One could say he is the consummate politician. He says whatever the “right” people want to hear in order to get ahead and enrich himself. He has no ideas or feelings of his own, and rather merely acts as a vessel for whoever has paid him more. One could say he is one of the most flagrant examples of what’s wrong with US politics, and the reason most people hate politics and politicians. Personally, I think he’s a deranged sociopath whose behavior should be outlawed, and he should be imprisoned for his crimes as an example to others like him.