How I was Wrong about Everything

Karl H Christ
3 min readApr 1, 2024


I’ve decided that I’ve been wrong about everything. I made the mistake, for years, of shaping my worldview based on an ideology of ethics, morality, and justice. I got caught up by the lure of facts, building my knowledge base on the work of reliable and corroborated sources.


What an idiot I was.

Well, no more of that. I’m going to believe in what’s easy, in what the majority of the highest paid sources tell me to believe. Might makes right, after all, and I’d like to finally be on the right side. Life is just more comfortable that way.

Thanks to this revelation, I’ve come to learn that racism is no longer a thing. Neither is sexism or gender-prejudice. And that if anything bad does happen to anyone belonging to those groups, they must have deserved it, and are probably actually making it up. Colonialism isn’t really a thing because the people that take land are entitled to it. Especially if God says they could take it. And according to them, God said they could take it a majority of the time, and who are we to argue with what God says? Or what people say God said?

Oh, I also believe in God now. There’s definitely a God. He’s definitely a man. And he definitely is all-loving, except if you’re one of the people that the people who say they know what he wants say are bad. Then you’re bad and you deserve God’s wrath, so it’s good if the people who say you’re bad kill you. Good people kill bad people because their loving God said they should. That’s just sensible.

Yes, I also now think that killing people is just fine. Especially in war. War’s are good, because they’re organized, just, and the most heroic and righteous side always wins. That’s why it’s portrayed that way in movies.

It’s also right to send poor people off to fight wars. That’s just common sense. It’s the best way they can contribute to society. It’s how they can make themselves worthy of the rest of us acknowledging their humanity.

Perhaps most importantly of all, I’ve come to realize the perfection of capitalism. There truly is no more brilliant system for organizing societies and their economies. Capitalism is the only system that is truly fair and the market is always right. It is the only way for human advancement, it works to the benefit of all people, and it never ever fails.

God (whom I now believe in and worship), I can’t believe how wrong I was, and how much better I feel now that I’ve experienced this shift in ideology.

I didn’t come to this conclusion on my own. There were many helping to get me to this point. There were the folks who commented on my writing, often without actually commenting on what I had written, but by espousing their own beliefs on the given topic, regardless of whether it in fact disproved or reinforced whatever point I was making. There were the folks who sent me links to spurious websites and short videos featuring people of dubious credentials whom I’d never heard of, clearly with the belief that I’d find there some novel information that would change my worldview. And last but certainly not least, there’s the propagandists. The information soldiers of the conservative cause. The corporate media warriors. The brave volunteers who enhance and proliferate beliefs that, until now, I rejected. Thank you all so much for showing me what a fool I was.