Karl H Christ
6 min readAug 31, 2020


Lest We Forget, Republicans are Evil

In light of my many well-deserved criticisms of the Democratic party and its ranks, it bears reiterating, stating unequivocally, that the Republican party is the most despicable and dangerous organization the world has ever seen.

We saw and heard, only through short clips and soundbites rather than the full presentations if we were fortunate, the flagrant lies and utter lack of integrity of the Republican party on display during this year’s online RNC. When they weren’t sharing the spotlight with bullies and criminals, like that smirking idiot kid who gained infamy (and millions) for appearing to mock a Native American elder, or the cracker couple who pointed their guns at peaceful protesters marching for justice and equality at a considerable distance from their vulgarly opulent home, Republican officials themselves bombarded their cult mendicants with absurd fear mongering and outlandish lies.

Nikki Haley declared, “America is not a racist country.” Mike Pence claimed that Biden was in support of several progressive causes, including defunding the police. Tim Scott, from the depths of the Sunken Place, warned that Biden and Harris wanted a “cultural revolution,” and that they intend to turn the US into a “socialist utopia.” And Larry Kudlow spun a fantasy in which the Covid-19 epidemic was a threat that had been well handled by Trump and the gang, and but which is now over and done with.

The United States was founded in racist ideology and there is ample daily evidence that racism is still endemic, as anyone who’s not a moron or a liar knows and can attest. Biden has promised very little in the way of progressive policy, and in fact has said that he would like to increase police funding. Neither Biden nor Harris is a socialist. At all. They don’t want to “turn our country into a socialist utopia.” That is such an absurdly stupid thing to say. First, because it’s a ridiculous lie, and second, because of the implication that that would be a bad thing. The majority of Americans would benefit greatly from a socialist utopia. Really, I don’t know if Scott’s misunderstanding of the word “socialist” or “utopia” is the more embarrassingly ignorant, but he should switch from Republican puppet to Democratic PR rep, because I would love to vote for the socialist utopia ticket. Republicans are obsessed with socialism at the moment, and they’re counting on their mental slave voting base to have an even poorer understanding of it than they themselves do in order to scare them. It’d be great if socialist policies had any prominence in this election besides in the deranged minds and ludicrous rhetoric of Republican crackpots, but it doesn’t. As for the past-tense Corona talk, more than a thousand people die from Covid-19 every day in this country, including the day Kudlow gave that speech, because of the Trump administration’s failures and lies.

Republicans lie. Politicians in general lie, but no group is as brazenly insane in their commitment to lying as the current Republican regime. But lying isn’t the worst of it. You don’t destroy a civilization and threaten the continued existence of organized humankind and life in the global sense through lies alone. The lies are the cover and the distraction for their mission of national and global destruction.

The most talked about aspects of their crusade of inequity and death are their efforts to reinforce the rule of white supremacy. Whatever Republicans say, and regardless of whether a few among them are people of color, they are racists. They promote racist ideas and policies. That is the most basic definition of racism. They don’t just stand with, and solicit the support of, racists; it’s what they are. That’s not to say that there aren’t racists in the Democratic party; there are, including Biden and Harris. But, the Republican party is the party of racists. It is also the party of sexists, however many (mostly) white women they count in their ranks. It’s the party of bigotry. Essentially, whatever and whomever cannot be assimilated into and subservient to their white wealthy Christian straight male hierarchy is their enemy. Whatever they say, whatever superficial attributes they claim in denial, and however they feign offense at accusations of racism, sexism, and bigotry, that is what they represent and the overt mission they serve.

But that’s not the worst thing about them. It’s not simply that they want to enforce a white ethno-state, over which a small number of their elites reign. It’s not just that they want to subjugate or kill people of color, women, LGBTQ+ folks, anyone with a dissenting opinion. But for a few of the truly delusional among the party’s acolytes, it’s not hatred and prejudice that serve them as a primary driver, it’s greed and contempt. Racism, and the many other prejudices at play in political and social life are, at their root, not the product of hate or fear or ignorance, rather all those things together are the product of the capitalist economic system. Slavery, and every related evil committed by this nation or in its name, was not born from pre-existing animus, and certainly not because one people was demonstrably inferior to another. Slavery was highly profitible, so all the notions of superiority and inferiority, the spawning of racist ideas, came after the fact, to justify the evil done for the sake of financial gain.

Likewise, the evil that the Republicans do today is done for financial gain. As ever, the hate and ignorance are a cover, a sort of retroactive justification. All of it is meant to distract from the true and existential evil.

Few ventures have been more profitable to capitalists than the most destructive and damning of all. Their business is that of destroying the Earth itself. Drilling and draining every drop of petroleum and gas. Mining every metal, mineral, and lump of coal. Plowing and burning the natural world, razing nature as it was for millennia before humans learned to smash two pieces of flint together. However much water is wasted or poisoned, whatever earthquakes, storms, or infernos come, no matter if the air is too toxic to breathe, too hot to live, it’s worth it to those who can turn tragedy and death into profit. Which is where the Republicans are particularly useful, particularly wilfully genocidal.

There are capitalists in both parties. Plenty of Democrats trip over each other trying to prove themselves the most “pro-business.” But the current Republican party has distinguished itself as the most willing to work with and serve destructive industries, and as the most genocidal organization in human history. It’s considered crass to compare Republicans to Nazis, even when they are Nazis in maybe all but name. But in truth, the Nazi party has nothing on the modern Republican party. The Nazis invaded a handful of countries and murdered millions of people; the Republicans are working to extinguish all life on Earth. One of the few positive things that can be said about Hitler is that he had decent environmental policy. That’s one more than Trump or any other powerful Republican can claim.

Republicans have been scumbags for decades. But they at least used to have a few notes of nuance. They at least used to act like they gave a shit about conservation and not letting the land, water, and air die and turn poisonous. Nixon founded (granted, under pressure) the EPA that Trump has spent the last few years dismantling. There is no more restraint, no more pretenses at a single fuck being given. They gleefully scrap every regulation and forfeit every natural resource, our natural resources, for a pittance, for personal profit.

I talk a lot of shit about the Democrats, because they suck and they deserve it. But there is no one and nothing worse than the Republicans. They are beyond the pale. They are irrefutably evil. On every issue, they have planted themselves on the wrong side. But frankly, every issue is secondary to this one, to the climate catastrophe, to the war being waged against all life on Earth. Everything else is inconsequential if the planet is no longer habitable. In dedicating themselves to the cause of global death, the Republicans have made themselves the enemy of the people, the enemy of humanity, the enemy of all life. There is no debating or compromising with an organization that has sided with universal genocide.

They cannot be condoned. Our survival depends on their removal. Voting is not enough.