Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Trans Woman, and a Cannibalistic Child-Trafficker

Hatreds and prejudices are often attributed to ignorance, a lack of understanding on the part of bigoted people. Fear of the unknown is common, and an explanation in many cases. Instinctual inclination aside, we were taught from childhood to fear strangers and strange things. But there are other causes for bigotry, like insecurity and jealousy, to which many cases of racism can be attributed: when bigots wish they could be part of another race because of that race’s perceived advantages, or feel that they are lesser for being what they are. Then there are the related prejudices which stem from insecurity and jealousy, spiked with hypocrisy.
Many homophobes, for example, are homosexual. They are closeted and often in denial about their homosexual desires. From gaybashing assholes who harass and beat on gay folks to politicians and public personalities who encourage said violence on top of attacking the human rights of queer people, you can bet that the majority of them are queer and are taking out their personal insecurity and self-loathing on those who live truthfully. 
It therefore follows that there would be these same sort of hypocritically hateful wretches among trans folks. Some of them are completely closeted and in denial. They present in ways conforming to their assigned sex and promote hate mongering rhetoric about trans people. These are, of course, the sort of people who wish desperately that they could dress and behave in accordance with their true gender, as openly trans people do. And there are those among the anti-trans who wish to dress, or have dressed, in disguise so that they can go into public bathrooms designated for the opposite sex and accost victims therein, which they pretend is a thing that openly trans people want to do. 
There are few figures in the current political shitbath we’re languishing in who’ve gotten more publicity for their flaming transphobia than Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s not just that MTG is jealous of trans women for being better looking than her. That could get some cis women steamed, to see attractive and well dressed trans women getting attention while she looks like a bleached proboscis monkey with the fashion sense of a Nazi accountant’s dowager mistress in the mid-eighties. But there’s more to it than that. Like the cis male politicians and preachers who rail against the evils of homosexuality and then get caught for not having cleaned the money shot off their blazer after their glory hole trist in an airport bathroom, or are recorded in their prepubescent boy harems, MTG’s professed hatred of trans people is born of hypocrisy and self-loathing, because she is trans. 
She is also one of the most high profile supporters of the Q-Anon conspiracy theory, which among other batshittery, claims that there is a wealthy cabal of deviants who traffic children for sex and to drink their blood. Following the same simple logic we used to determine that she is obviously trans, we can assume that she is also obviously one of the vampiric child sex traffickers that she pretends to oppose. We’ve already seen other Q-Anon proponents exposed for the demonic pedophiles they truly are, like Matt Gaetz and Donald Trump. Marjorie Taylor Greene is just as clearly one of their depraved ranks, however more convoluted her case.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is a trans woman, and a pedophile who traffics children for sex and the nourishment of their blood. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Attacking others for being the thing that you yourself are is a common survival tactic of idiots. Like the men who beat up gay men because they are in fact gay and attracted to those gay men and want to relieve their self-hatred while proving how not gay they are, MTG attacks trans people and pretends to be against child trafficking and cannibalism as a feeble attempt at subterfuge. As homosexually inclined gaybashers will claim their animosity against the openly gay as proof of their lack of gayness, MTG is doing the same to obfuscate the fact that she is a trans woman and a member of the demonic pedophile cabal.
Much like indiscreet racists of the Right demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate proving that he is a native-born United States citizen, we demand that Marjorie Taylor Greene prove that she is in all ways a non-child-trafficking female woman. If she wants to deny that she is a trans woman, she will need to provide written testimony from multiple independent doctors, each proving that she is genetically, hormonally, biologically, sexually, altogether female and a cis gender woman. As well as proof that she is not a child-trafficking and blood-drinking pedophile. If she cannot provide this evidence, it can be assumed that it is because she literally cannot. Because she is a trans woman. And a pedophile.




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