The Impeachment Trial and its Preemptive Failure

Trump’s acquittal in his second impeachment trial was treated as a foregone conclusion before it began. There was little likelihood from the beginning that a sufficient number of Republicans would find their gonads and finally take a stand against Trump, to convict him for his crime of inciting the insurrection that threatened their lives and the lives of their colleagues. But that doesn’t mean that the Democrats should have preemptively taken it as a loss and not made more of an effort.

It’s easy to blame Republicans for everything wrong with US politics. Arguably, they are the biggest thing wrong with US politics. They’ve been the scum of the Earth, representing the worst natures of this nation and humanity for many decades. They’ve long been antidemocratic and had fascistic leanings, but in having fully embraced these ideologies, as exemplified by their servile devotion to Trump, they’ve given up any pretense of being reasonable people who simply have a different point of view, whose repugnant beliefs and actions could be hidden behind performative patriotism. It was always bullshit, but enough people bought it or played along with it. The Democrats played along with it. Many still do. They still talk about reasonable, moderate Republicans, either harkening back to when such a mythical beast existed, or helping perpetuate the delusion that such a thing still exists.

The Democrats decided prior to the impeachment trial that not enough Republican senators would do the right thing and join them in convicting the Deranged Turd. While slightly refreshing that they’ve finally accepted that the majority of Republicans are a spineless and soulless mob of gimp-slaves who can’t take their tongues out of Trump’s asshole long enough to give an honest critique of the taste, treating their subservience and Turd’s subsequent acquittal as guaranteed was a stupid and costly mistake on the part of the Democrats.

Regardless of whether enough Republicans could be persuaded to do the right thing for the first time in their careers, and probably in their lives, the Democrats should have still conducted a full trial. Rather than rushing the whole thing through from the House to the Senate, the impeachment process should have been long and thorough. Rather than truncating the process because of the stubborn slavishness of Republicans, the Democrats should have conducted a brutally long investigation and trial for that very reason. There should have been weeks of evidence and argument. There should have been goddamn witnesses.

What the fuck kind of trial has zero witnesses? Judge Judy runs a more thorough trial than US senators.

Granted, the congresspeople who spoke during the trial were witnesses and the intended victims of the attack on the capitol. But they should have had the members of the capitol police, those injured in the attack, and the non-politician bystanders. Beyond that, they should have called the arrested rioters and instigators to give testimony. They should have issued a subpoena and forced Trump to testify. Talk about a sham trial, when the defendant doesn’t even have to be there. Along with him, his Turd-choking followers should be on trial. Cruz, Hawley, Rubio, Graham, all those bitches should be codefendants.

All of them should have already been expelled from Congress. Really, they should be criminally charged, but expulsion would at least be something.

Further, all the senators who denied the validity of the charges against the wannabe tyrant, many of whom ignored the proceedings and testimonies of the trial, some of whom straight up left, should have been held in contempt, fined and jailed, and been stripped of their ability to cast a vote in the verdict.

Rather than rushing the trial to a foregone conclusion because of the Republicans’ spineless sycophancy and lawlessness, the Democrats should have done everything to show not only Trump’s guilt, but how guilty his political patrons are. They should have been forceful and unforgiving. Much like the last impeachment trial, and damn near everything else, the Democrats all but gave up before the fight got started. In writing off convincing the Republicans as a lost cause, they’ve essentially let them off the hook. They should have done everything to make it legally, politically, and publicly impossible for the Republicans to not vote to convict. In not doing that, in preemptively giving up, they’ve effectively excused the Republican collaborators as much as those collaborators have excused Trump. And in so doing, they’ve all betrayed us.



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