Reproduction Fascists

Karl H Christ
2 min readApr 15, 2024


The Right is once again showing their true colors and intentions. Nevada’s Supreme Court decided this week to revive a Civil War era law prohibiting abortion in virtually all circumstances, making allowances only in the event of a mother’s imminent death. Enforcing this 162 year old law, created 50 years before Arizona was a state, 58 years before women were considered full human citizens, demonstrates not just that the right wing in this country has a demented drive to control the bodies and lives of women, but that they are determined to drag us backwards in every sense.

These people never deserved to be called “pro-life.” They aren’t and never have been. Even “anti-choice” and “forced birthers” aren’t fully accurate, as demonstrated by Alabama’s inane decision to imbue embryos with personhood and equivocate their mistreatment with murder. What they are is reproduction fascists. Their goal is the aggressive, draconic control of people’s bodies and lives. Boiled down to that, we could just call them fascists.

The country used to be dominated by these assholes. White wealthy pricks who treated other human beings as property whose worth was determined by their economic value founded and ruled this country for the first several generations of its existence. The fact that it has moved incrementally towards being a relatively civilized and quasi-democratic republic rankles their nethers unspeakably. They want to put the women and non-whites and poors back in their place, at the bottom, at the service and disposal of the dominant class. That is what this and many other recent legal actions are about.


Their dogma is not just born of misplaced principles and scientific ignorance. That would be too kind a judgment. It is intentional in its oppression.

In their ideal world, they are the unquestioned rulers sitting upon thrones made from the bent and broken bodies of the low classes. All will be subservient to them, surviving at their whim. Beyond the perverse pleasure of control, having the power to decide if, how, and when people can and cannot reproduce will allow them to create the slave caste of their dreams. People have gotten too independent, too human for their liking, too difficult to control. As they further erode the people’s rights, they will gradually expand and fine tune their fascist reproductive rule unto their goal of determining the fates of whole lineages. Pedigree will decide whether one may or must reproduce and to what purpose their offspring will be put.