Karl H Christ
3 min readMar 27, 2023


The Shocking Revelation that Fox News Lies, and they Know it

The unindoctrinated have known for years that Fox News is a proverbial fountain of bullshit, a right wing propaganda tool posing as a news outlet. Thanks to Dominion Voting System’s lawsuit against Fox, we now know that the owner and everyone working for the company has always known this is well. Thanks to a shitty, but apparently unrigged in favor of Democrats, voting machine company, and their exercising of their right to discovery, we know that the top hosts and everyone else of consequence at Fox News knew that they were lying about the 2020 election having been rigged against Trump. Thanks to Murdoch’s sworn deposition, we know that he and all levels of management were lying, that their employees were lying, that it was corporate policy for them to lie.

That should have been the end of them, of the whole company and everyone in it. When a corporation purporting to be a news agency is revealed to have knowingly lied for political and financial gain (and there are plenty of times that Fox has lied, this is just the recent, high profile example), it should cease to be, and all those who engaged in the lying and conspiracy barred from any future work in the news or political professions. That would be accountability.

It should have also been the end of the lie of the 2020 election being stolen. Considering that the Republicans have a known history of brazenly stealing elections (for Bush in 2000 being the most literal, using the Supreme Court and organized rioting, but Nixon and Reagan before him by conspiring with foreign governments, causing mass death or putting the lives of hostage Americans in danger, in Vietnam and Iran) and that the Democrats can’t even govern like they won when they do actually win, it was farfetched as fuck to begin with. We can forget about that movement disappearing, however. These people believe that Democrats and Hollywood elites stay youthful by drinking the blood of unreported missing magical children held in subterranean prisons (because Democratic leaders look SO young; botox and plastic surgery can only do so much), that JFK Jr faked his death and has been living in secret as a regular schmuck who’s also a Republican despite being heir to a Democratic dynasty in life, and that Trump is a messianic figure, rather than a con man and sexual predator; they will hold onto farfetched fairytales until their timely and unmourned deaths.

The ideal scenario would be for Fox to be sued into oblivion, rendered valueless, and its staff wallowing away the rest of their lives as pariahs. But that’s not too likely. At the very least, every host, correspondent, and paid contributor of Fox News who participated in the campaign of lying and conspiring should have to preface every segment or any speaking engagement by declaring to their audience that they are a liar and detail the ways they lied. That’d be better than any apology, not that we can expect apologies to be forthcoming either.

Tragically, Fox News is still broadcasting, still hate mongering and terrifying mentally deficient old crackers with horror stories of trans people wearing garish clothing and swimming, educators telling historical truths and actually providing children with an education, and cartoon mice and sexy green M&Ms wearing comfortable shoes. Even if they did go under, there are other outlets for deranged fascists to incestuously snowball each other’s lies and bullshit from mouth to mouth. Hopefully there is at least a little justice, beyond a stupid company getting a payout. Hopefully a successful suit will lead to more, and result in the dissolution of all outlets of corporate fascist propaganda. Fingers crossed.