Karl H Christ
4 min readApr 27, 2020


Trump is a Democratic Asset

Trump’s presidency is a benefit to, and has the support of, however clandestinely, Democratic party leadership. However the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and the majority of other high-ranking Democrats, pretend at “resistance,” play as opposition to the Trump presidency, they benefit from his presence, and they know it, and they’re happy to keep him in power so long as it continues to be advantageous to them.

For the wealthy and the powerful, for the financial and political elites on “both sides” of our farcically undemocratic political system, Trump is the gift nobody wanted, but which keeps on giving, and now they can’t bear to give him up. He’s far too useful.

In terms of policy, there are only degrees of difference between Trump’s pro-corporate, neo-fascistic approach and that of elite neoliberal Democrats. They don’t give a fuck about working people, people in general, the environment, the world. Whatever half-hearted claims they make to the contrary are the disingenuous and practiced platitudes trained into them through years, decades, of political hackery. They don’t give a fuck about decency or justice or life. They are capitalists first. Not public servants, not citizens, not empathetic and genuine human beings. They act in self interest, for money. Simple as that. They’ve profited off the Trump presidency, and will continue to do so.

While they may not have predicted that Hillary Clinton would lose electorally to Trump and thus fuck the country with the sickest joke of its already torid and horrid, albeit revisionist and hypocritical, history, they know that Joe Biden is all but certain to lose. That is why they’ve backed him so aggressively, and sabotaged his, and Trump’s, more formidable opponents. It’s not that they didn’t believe Bernie Sanders couldn’t beat Trump. They knew he could, and that is why they feared him.

The DNC does not believe Biden is likely to win, because he’s not, and they don’t. They’re banking on him losing because that serves them better. The Democratic leaders, with their insistence for “moderation,” their slow-rolling of, or outright opposition to, every progressive policy, every policy we need to continue to live, to exist as a functioning organized society, are showing us exactly who they are. Rather than allow for the possibility of universal healthcare, like any other country with a decent economy and/or common sense, they’d rather keep the insurance and drug companies as profitable as possible, to profit them as much as possible. The same is true for their approach to the climate crisis. Trump may be moving faster thn they would to murder the Earth and all life with every repeal of environmental regulations, every financial boon of our taxpayer money handed out to the corporations killing all of us, all to bleed every penny from it before we all burn, drown, or starve, but the Democratic leadership wouldn’t play it so differently. They’d prefer to add to their coffers and watch the world die over the next thirty to forty years, but are content to allow Trump to do it in ten.

All the while, as they and their capitalist comrades profit financially through stock investments, they profit as well in the immediate term through donations, by playing the “resistance” to Trump’s genocidal buffoonery. They do little, if anything, to ever actually stop him. More often than not, the Democratic leadership is all too ready to side with Trump and his Republican genuflecters when it comes time to pass another new policy to further enrich the wealthy and persecute the poor, to further poison the Earth for the sake of the mass delusion that is the US capitalist economy, at the expense of all life and everything of genuine value. But they feign opposition and offense at his acts of capricious evil, and the donation dollars roll in. Trump is their perfect foil, their perfect pretend enemy, against whom virtually anyone can compare themself flatteringly. So long as the Democratic leadership keeps Trump around, lets him do whatever he wants, and pretends to be fighting against him, the ignorant and the gullible will continue to cheer them on, praise their playacting, contribute to their ineffectual campaigns, support their malignant careers, and feel pleasantly self-satisfied that they’ve done their part, that they’re on the right side.

It would be uncouth, they wouldn’t be fulfilling their roles as the “opposition,” as “liberals,” if they outright supported Trump’s most extreme policies. Let alone take them on themselves. The charade would be over.

But when you boil down the policies and the actions of the top Democrats, of most Democrats, you’ll find they’re not so different from their Republican counterparts. Democrats will give more lip service to social issues like abortion, and generally give more weight to the “Politically correct” issues: racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. They’re more inclined to politeness and the facade of ethics than Republicans. In issues of the economy, foreign policy, and “national defense,” Democrats are in lockstep with Republicans most of the time. Even if they don’t agree, they still enable. Even if they condemn Trump’s actions to reporters, tweet their disagreement with lies or acts of evil, or tear scripts up on national television, they still enable. And they still leap to their feet to applaud our military assaults on other countries and the (attempted) overthrows of foreign, often democratic, governments.

Democrats are better than Republicans, as a general rule. Both are horrible, but there is a difference by degrees between the two which makes us, including myself, pick one over the other. I’ve rarely voted Democrat without shame, but I’ve never voted Republican. As both parties have gone further to the right, and it can be less easy to distinguish the two. It’s not a matter of liberals vs conservatives as much as it is conservatives vs fascists. It’s thanks to Trump that the conservatives, in this case the Democrats, can, by simple virtue of not being as uniquely despicable and of the extreme right as he is, that they can still play the good guys. They’ll do whatever they have to to keep him around, so they can go on pretending.