Karl H Christ
6 min readJul 20, 2020


Trump is the antiChrist, and he’s Leading Evangelicals to Hell

Evangelical Christians, specifically white American Evangelical Christians, are largely responsible for the political ascendency of Trump. He made many gains through his campaign and presidency by appealing to the cross-sections of racists, bigots, the morbidly gullible, and the enemies of organized society, but the right-wing radical white Evangelical Christian movement deserves a lion’s share of the credit and blame for getting Turd into office. They are among the few constituency bases that have gotten much, if anything, out of him that was promised. Alongside his many favors to corporate tycoons, racists, extractive industry polluters, and other enemies of mankind and life in general, Deranged Turd has done about as much as he can to give Christian supremacists what they want. He’s done all he can to attack the rights of women and LGBTQ+ folks, and in the most consequential acts of his time in office, he’s packed federal courts across the country, and the Supreme Court to the extent he could, with activist judges of the radical right.

The Christian right, along with their uneasy bedfellows in white supremacist organizations, and the obscenely wealthy corporate elite class (and make no mistake that there were connections and cross-pollinations in the relationships, ideologies, and agendas of these groups decades before DT’s ignominious rise) have always met with oppostion in their missions for cultural domination. Their opponents have been primarily democracy and law, the will of the public and the bodies that enforce it. Whether owing to its rigid dogma, its hostile and exclusionary treatment towards those of differing cultures and opinions, its hypocrisy, the tendency of some of its adherents towards fascistic or terrorist attitudes and actions, or any other or combination of reasons, the Christian supremacy movement in the US has been, and will likely and hopefully forever be, unable to earn either the allegiance or sympathy of the majority of people in this country. They’ve made headway and taken control of some communities, but national dominance eludes them.

In those places where the white Evangelical Christian supremacist movement has tried to enforce their will, in ways virtually identical what rightwingers accuse and decry conservative Muslims of wanting to impose Sharia law (the notion being a paranoid delusion in the US. Also, redundant, because Sharia law translates essentially to Islamic canonical law law; it’s like saying ATM machine, or stupid redneck cracker), they’ve at times come up short against legal obstacles. However loudly Christian supremacists bleat and insist in the fervor of their ignorance, this is not a Christian nation.

The Founders, for all their faults, and for all the flaws and omissions of the Constitution, got a few things right. Despite living in a culture in which Christianity was a prevalent force, in which much of society and its practices had roots in Christian dogma, the founders of this country and the drafters of its constitution determined that it was not and would not be a Christian nation, but a secular one, in which all religions are accepted and freely practiced, but none are dominant over others, and none have a place in determining the actions of the government or its laws.

So when radical Christians try pushing their supremacist agenda, attempting to impose their religious interpretations as laws upon us all, they hit a wall of unconstitutionality. Honest and ethical judges, when the fanatical dictums of anti-American Evangelical Christians leap onto their desks, civilly swat them down. But honest and ethical judges were already in short supply. Now, DT has appointed more federal judges than any predecessor. The stage is set for Evangelical Christian supremacists to run roughshod all over the Constitution, and rawdog the country into theocratic oblivion.

They’ve gotten themselves to this place through allegiance with Deranged Turd. They’ve figuratively made a deal with the devil. But also literally, they’ve done the same or worse.

DT is an evil man. He is also both more and less than man. He is the antiChrist. The radical right-wing white Evangelical Christian movement has allied itself with the antiChrist himself.

The mainstream story accounting for Evangelicals backing Trump is that they regard him as an actor chosen by God to bring about His will. They’ve decided it’s not hypocritical or heretical, not sacreligious or a corruption of all they claim to believe and hold sacred, for them to put their faith in a man who lies, cheats, steals, assaults, bullies, abuses, rapes, probably has molested children, possibly has had people killed, promotes hatred, encourages violence, intolerance, and virulent hostile ignorance, a being whose every word and action are opposite and against the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. They’ve cited examples of political leaders, kings and generals, in the Bible (in the Old Testament, of course, because Christian supremacists never seem to find support for their causes in the New Testament, the one with Christ in it) who, though not men of faith, and perhaps with more rationally disqualifying qualities for being a “good person,” carry out some action that helps the Israelites, or whomever. But Trump is no Cyrus the Great, and Evangelical Christians or not Jewish captives in Babylon. It’s also doubtful that those biblical Jews contemporaneously made a habit of ritualistically fellating Cyrus’s narcissistic egomania, or actively went against their fervent religious beliefs and the rules of their God to defend or praise his every sociopathic action.

DT has risen to power through lies and deceit. He uses lies and violent language to bring faithful supporters into his cult, his army. He’s always acted without regard for law or morality for his personal enrichment. From the start of his time in office he’s spoken and behaved as though he is, or deserves to be, an all-powerful monarch. He is determined to rule not only the country but the world. It’s all textbook antiChrist behavior. Today, he’s controlling the most powerful nation and the deadliest military the world has ever seen; next year, he’ll be reigning all the Earth from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

He cynically exploits Christian trappings and makes false claims of faith, despite being aggressively unChristian and not knowing the first thing about it. He twists and perverts Christian faith for personal gain and domination. He has incited war. He has caused famine. He has aided the spread of pestilence. He has brought about mass death. The world is burning and being made poisonous. All its creatures, including humans, are dying. DT is presiding over an accelerating conflagration towards global genocide and oblivion. He is the antiChrist, and wittingly or not, he is ushering in the apocalypse.

Perhaps that’s why the Evangelicals have hitched themselves to his apocalyptic death-wagon. Radical Evangelical Christians are super horny for the apocalypse. They profess no fonder wish than to live in the end times, to witness the second coming of Christ, and be raptured up to heaven. So it could logically hold for them, the idea that by supporting DT the antiChrist, they are helping to bring this about.

The flaw in their logic is that disciples of the antiChrist don’t get raptured. Show me where it says in the Bible that the evil men who aid the antiChrist and bring damnation upon God’s creation are rewarded. They’re in league with the literally God-damned devil. No ticket to Heaven for them. Following false prophets, working in service of the antiChrist, is a guaranteed route straight to Hell. If in fact Trump the antiChrist brings about the biblical end of the world, triggers the return of Christ, and the Rapture, then right after Jesus slays the Beast with his magic sword, you can bet he’ll be summarily smiting all those that followed the antiChrist straight to Hell shortly thereafter.

So, the white Evangelical Christians, the radical Christian supremacy movement, they may have made some paltry earthly gains for their cause, but in allying themselves with DT, pledging fealty to the antiChrist, they have all condemned their immortal souls to Hell.