Karl H Christ
4 min readJan 11, 2021


Trump is the Leader of a Terrorist Organization

Trump may still technically be the president of the United States, but he is also the leader of a terrorist organization that has committed attacks against the United States government.

Trump has attempted a coup, or several coups, without actually doing the hard work required of a proper coup. He’s ordered weak and unfounded lawsuits and tried to circumvent any semblance of democracy through bullying and begging. He’s lied and rambled and stirred up anger among his base of indoctrinated helper-monkeys, then set them loose to act on his behalf without him accepting any culpability. He is the general of an army of fascist insurrectionists, who refuses to take responsibility for any of the actions of his soldiers or dirty his own hands with the crimes they commit in his name. On January 6th, 2021, when Trump incited his deranged slave army to riot and attack the Capitol building, with repeated lies about the election being stolen, him winning by a landslide, that his loss was an “assault on democracy” and unconstitutional, he instructed them to march on the Capitol to stop certification of the election, and told them, “…I’ll be there with you.” He then retreated to the White House. He was not there with them. He hid and watched tv, while they rioted, invaded the Capitol building, committed crimes and acts of fascist terror in his name. Given this it is astounding that these brainwashed inbred sycophants still follow him, still love and believe in him. It’s baffling that anyone believed him or liked him, ever, but now he’s inciting people to attack the US government and shown he’s too much of a coward to have their backs or even go with them.

He doesn’t have the strength or courage to actually stand with his followers when they fight his battles, but Trump is the de facto leader of a genuine homegrown terrorist organization. He is a cult leader. While he may not tell specific followers to commit specific crimes, and damn sure doesn’t do any of the hard work of doing crimes and staging anti-democratic rebellions himself, he has openly urged his followers to commit violence, insurrection, and other crimes. There are video, audio, digital, and written records of him telling his crowds of cumguzzlers that certain groups and specific people should be beaten, hanged, beheaded, all manner of inflammatory shit. On January 6th, he told his cracker army to fight. He told them, “…If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

People have been jailed or executed or assassinated for as much or less.

Freedom fighters, from Eugene Debs to Fred Hampton, were killed for their nonviolent rebellions against an unjust, criminal system. Debs was jailed multiple times for campaigning for workers’ rights. He didn’t commit or encourage violence; he organized boycotts, spoke out against war and militarism, and promoted the cause of labor rights, human rights, yet he was imprisoned for sedition. Fred Hampton was a community activist working for the rights of all people. He was arrested for peacefully protesting police abuses of the Black and other marginalized communities, monitored and harassed by the FBI, and ultimately murdered, assassinated by a police firing squad while asleep in his bed.

But Trump deserves no comparison to freedom fighters. He’s a cult leader. Yet he hasn’t faced the same consequences as other cult leaders either.

Charles Manson never killed anyone. Manson did not directly order the murders committed by his followers, yet he was given the death sentence, later commuted to life in prison. Keith Raniere was sentenced to 120 years for leading a sex-slave cult. His followers didn’t kill a single person or try to overthrow the US government.

That’s not to say that either man didn’t deserve his punishment, but that Trump deserves his. Rather than being excused for being president, he should be held to a higher standard. What sort of precedent would it have set if Manson and Raniere had been set free because they happened to be not just malignant narcissists, but also presidents?

Trump is no different from the despots that ride coups into power in other nations, except by virtue of his, so far, being a failure. Without question, if his fascist mob had succeeded in planning past the storming, looting, and rioting part of their attack on the Capitol, and had really seized control, successfully overthrowing the government and installing Trump as dictator for life, he’d have gladly accepted and told them he loved them with the same brazen falsity to which his children and wives have all long since grown accustomed.

Trump has always been a threat to this country and the world. It is long past time for him to go. He needs to be forced from office and jailed. He is the leader of a terrorist organization, a threat to national security, and has to be treated as such. He for damn sure shouldn’t be allowed to live the rest of his life in freedom and luxury, continuing to spread lies and promote violence, while protected by the Secret Service and receiving a monthly six-figure pension at our expense.